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Depend on the Law Office of John S. Butler in Austin, Texas for an effective criminal defense attorney and jail release assistance. We welcome your call or e-mail anytime. Let John's two decades of experience give you the legal services you need.

Jail Release Services
You or a loved one's release from jail is our first goal. Trust us to help you get a personal bond approved by a judge, obtain a bail bondsman, and seek reduction of the bond amount.

Jury Trials & Trials Before the Court
Count on John to represent you in trials before a jury or judge. He has represented those accused of crimes since his days as a student attorney with the University of Texas School of Law. Even if the case is settled through a plea-bargain process, your results are often better with a lawyer who is ready to go to trial.

Prompt action, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of the law are essential to represent a client in the appeal process successfully. If tried and found guilty, you have only 30 days to make an appeal in a state court and 10 days in a federal court. As a board-certified specialist, John has a thorough understanding of the law as recognized by his peers and by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Driver's License Suspensions & Occupational Licenses
Turn to John Butler to challenge your driver's license suspension at a contested hearing or to obtain an occupational license. A driver's license may be suspended for many reasons in Texas including too many traffic tickets, lack of liability insurance, or a DWI arrest or conviction. Driving with a suspended license may lead to yet another suspension and another criminal case to defend.

Expunctions & Orders of Nondisclosures
Let us help clear you legal record with an expunction or order of nondisclosure. When a criminal charge is dismissed or the defendant is found not guilty at trial, the case can usually be expunged. All records of the incident are removed from government files and the person arrested is legally entitled to deny that the charge occurred. Chapter 55 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure sets out the rules for this procedure.

If you successfully complete a deferred adjudication probation, the records can often be sealed. This is done with an Order of Nondisclosure. This means your records are not available to the public, which is helpful when applying for employment. The order for this procedure is set forth in Section 411.081 of the Texas Government Code.

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